There is beauty all around us

A little over a month ago, the dogs and I lightened our load, got packed up, and moved across the country to return to my home state, Kentucky.

It hurts my heart to leave Colorado, as I’ve lived there most of my adult life and have a real passion for the mountains there. So many great friends, great memories, and dogs I’ve trained…but taking a leap to come back here, be and reconnect with my family, and take the time to think about my goals in life, has been a very good, if not up-and-down, process.

Hidalgo and Jasper pose on one of Kentucky’s beautiful stone fences

We have been taking our time to explore the beauty that surrounds us as I plan out the services and offerings Way Cool Canines can provide in these uncertain times. It’s also been great to reconnect with our family here and have time to “slow down.”

While we are not able to go out and meet people in person due to COVID-19, we have had the opportunity to go out for drives and walks in less-crowded areas and trails. Kentucky is such a beautiful, lush, green “jungle” of sorts. From the legendary stone fences to gorgeous waterfalls and 150-year-old stone bridges, the variety of plants and birds seem unmatched. I love walking through forests and seeing the twisted trees, the mossy trunks, listening to the voices of all the different songbirds.

At Tioga Falls

Soon I will be able to announce a full listing of services here on I am actively scheduling clients for online coaching via Zoom, and would love to help you. I will also be filming training videos and offering some free online classes, as well as “Ask a Trainer” sessions. I hope you can join us! Please send an email to me at to get notifications for these free classes and more.

At Taylorsville Lake, near my childhood home

If you have specific training needs for your dog(s), I will be offering packages to address a variety of problem behaviors as well. The wonderful thing about online training is that I can work with ANYONE, ANYWHERE. All you need is the ability to be online as well, and we will work with a variety of tools for success for me to coach you one-on-one. As a client of Way Cool Canines, there will also be other resources available, like free coaching videos and a Facebook group where you can interact with other clients and get additional support.

At Bridges of the Past

In addition, since so many of us are quarantined at home, I know there can be challenges to keeping your dogs–as well as everyone in your family–happy and healthy, and I will be offering videos on a variety of fun activities all of you can enjoy together, as well as how to better occupy your dog so that it will minimize any problems that may arise from boredom!

There is beauty all around us! Even in these crazy times, I invite you to just go outside (so long as you’re appropriately safe with masks and social distancing), and take in nature. I believe this is a great time to reconnect with a lot of what we have lost in our modern world. I would love to hear from you about what you are enjoying, and see photos such as I’ve posted here, of the beauty that surrounds you. I’ll be in touch again soon with updates on services and more!

Take care and be healthy,
Owner, Way Cool Canines

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Owner/trainer at Way Cool Canines. We train your dog for you! We also offer enrichment services for dogs with busy people, and remote consultations and training for anyone, anywhere.

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