Getting your dog’s attention

One of the most important foundational skills you can teach your dog is to respond to her name. I always start this process by saying the dog’s name in a way that will motivate her to turn her head to me. (Most times this is best done by saying her name in an appealing, more high-pitched tone.)

As soon as her head turns, I will click my clicker and then give a treat.

Over many times and repetitions, in different environments, this will teach my dog that no matter what, when or where, turning her attention to me when I say her name is very rewarding. I can also change the way in which I say her name and add more distractions over time as she shows the ability to give me that head turn.

Watch how I do this with Zoey in this video:

This simple exercise can lead to a dog making a positive association with her name and will help you get your timing for marker training in place before moving on to more difficult and/or complex behaviors.

I’d love to help you work with your dog on foundations so contact me today!

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