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Laura with her dogs, Jasper and Hidalgo
Hidalgo and Jasper

Laura McGaughey, CPDT-KA, ABCDT, RVA, TAG Teach certified


I’m Laura and I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.

I started my path in 2010 as a shelter volunteer. After gaining my dog trainer and veterinary assistant certifications through Animal Behavior College, I continued learning about clicker training methods through other trainers who mentored me. I obtained my CPDT-KA and TAG Teach primary certifications and launched a successful business in Denver, Delightful Doggies, which ran for a little more than five years.

At that point, I was offered a position as a service dog trainer for Freedom Service Dogs of America, and over my little more than two years there, placed one professional therapy dog and six service dogs successfully. Some of their stories:

In early 2020, I felt the need to be closer to my family and change what I was doing with my life, so I came back to Kentucky (I grew up in Spencer County but lived my entire adult life in Denver) and eventually settled in the Fern Creek area. Through Way Cool Canines, I’ve been able to help clients with a variety of needs train their dogs, as well as train their dogs for them through a day training format.

I have two dogs, Jasper (a fluffy butt mutt, wink) and Hidalgo (a Chihuahua). We love to go off-leash hiking and explore together! We have a Way Cool time adventuring to all sorts of spots of natural beauty.

I believe in using methods that set up your dog for success and teach your dog what to do, and create a positive emotional state. I do not believe in setting up your dog to get it wrong so I can punish him or her. I use food rewards as well as other motivators the dog enjoys (i.e., toys and play, praise, free time, sniffing, walking, etc.) to help him or her learn how to make the best choices. I do not use shock, aversion, intimidation etc., as this can cause fear, aggression and distrust.

To me, training is about building a relationship built on trust and building confidence in dogs. This is the foundation upon which I build everything to train people and their pups have the best, most fulfilling lives together.

Come be a part of the Way Cool Canines community by contacting me today!

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