Is rewarding your dog bribing her?

Several years ago, my dogs and I went on a drive over Guanella Pass in Colorado to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful fall scenery together. As we were making our way over the other side to Georgetown, two sheriff vehicles in front of us blocked the road, stopping us and all who were behindContinue reading “Is rewarding your dog bribing her?”

Four steps to a safer Fourth

It’s that time of year, folks! Even with this weekend’s Memorial Day festivities–it seems that many of us live in communities where we have neighbors who enjoy shooting off fireworks. I know in my neighborhood, my dogs and I have heard them throughout the year, regardless, because I guess some people just can’t get enough.Continue reading “Four steps to a safer Fourth”

Seven strategies for stopping off-leash dogs

Spring is just around the corner, and likely to increase your chances of an encounter with an off-leash dog. Whether it’s a dog that’s just been left to roam freely without supervision, or accompanied by a person who says “they’re friendly,” regardless of the scenario, not all dogs want to have other dogs approach them–especiallyContinue reading “Seven strategies for stopping off-leash dogs”

Dogs with big feelings

What are dogs with big feelings and why am I writing a post about them? With February and Valentine’s Day approaching, in addition to some thoughts I’ve been having as I reflect on the training I do with dogs, I felt inspired to write a free-flow blog post. Emotions are tough; some people hate Valentine’sContinue reading “Dogs with big feelings”

Tips for teaching a reliable come when called

Come when called, or recall, is an extremely important skill to teach all dogs. After all, if your dog gets away from you it can be extremely unsafe! You’ll want to practice with your dog a LOT inside your home, in your fenced-in yard, and by using other enclosed spaces as well as using aContinue reading “Tips for teaching a reliable come when called”

Training: A bank account filled with trust

Most clients are duly impressed by what I can accomplish with their dogs. At the same time, it’s important for my clients to remember that I, too, am human, and am imperfect, AND, have imperfect dogs! Training takes time, consistency and patience. Even after dogs learn behaviors, there is work that must be done overContinue reading “Training: A bank account filled with trust”

Teaching your dog to love his crate

Crate training is an important element in dog training. There are many reasons to crate train: to assist in house training young puppies and keep them safe when you’re unable to actively supervise, to give a dog a place to go that is safe and where no one will disturb him, to give your dogContinue reading “Teaching your dog to love his crate”