Loose leash walking in real life

Hi everyone! I recently shot a video of me walking Zoey in her neighborhood. It’s a crash course in how to do loose leash walking with a dog that is easily distracted. Keep in mind that, before this video was shot, Zoey and I did some practice with her name recognition and eye contact toContinue reading “Loose leash walking in real life”

Getting your dog’s attention

One of the most important foundational skills you can teach your dog is to respond to her name. I always start this process by saying the dog’s name in a way that will motivate her to turn her head to me. (Most times this is best done by saying her name in an appealing, moreContinue reading “Getting your dog’s attention”

Help! My puppy bites her leash

Lots of people have been adding new puppies to their homes in this time of COVID-19, and the excitable mouthiness and jumpiness are always of concern for them! It’s perfectly normal for puppies to be crazy at times but to cope with it can be challenging. One behavior that is common and challenging for newContinue reading “Help! My puppy bites her leash”

Clicker training mechanics

Recently I shot a video with the help of my terrific niece, Charisma, on how clicker training works. Using a clicker is an effective way to communicate with your dog what you want him or her to do. By using it or a verbal marker like YES to indicate the behavior you want, and alwaysContinue reading “Clicker training mechanics”