Is rewarding your dog bribing her?

Several years ago, my dogs and I went on a drive over Guanella Pass in Colorado to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful fall scenery together. As we were making our way over the other side to Georgetown, two sheriff vehicles in front of us blocked the road, stopping us and all who were behindContinue reading “Is rewarding your dog bribing her?”

Training: A bank account filled with trust

Most clients are duly impressed by what I can accomplish with their dogs. At the same time, it’s important for my clients to remember that I, too, am human, and am imperfect, AND, have imperfect dogs! Training takes time, consistency and patience. Even after dogs learn behaviors, there is work that must be done overContinue reading “Training: A bank account filled with trust”

Clicker training mechanics

Recently I shot a video with the help of my terrific niece, Charisma, on how clicker training works. Using a clicker is an effective way to communicate with your dog what you want him or her to do. By using it or a verbal marker like YES to indicate the behavior you want, and alwaysContinue reading “Clicker training mechanics”